Hockey: synonymous with winter, Canada and... McGill? Montreal and McGill have a strong claim as the birthplace of hockey, but there's a challenge: some folks argue the "Halifax" version of the game is first. "No way!" bellows Earl Zukerman, Communications Officer for McGill's Department of Athletics and a vice-president (Quebec region) of the Society for International Hockey Research. "Not unless you count shinny as being the same thing as hockey." The Montreal rules, first published in The Gazette in 1877, were drafted in part by McGill students. Later rules appearing in an 1886 Gazette are almost identical to those followed today. And strengthening McGill's claim to hockey immortality: in 1881, William Notman took the first posed "hockey team" photo, starring none other than McGill's intrepid squad.

Know of any former McGill athlete who should be inducted into the McGill Sports Hall of Fame? Request a nomination brochure from the McGill Dept. of Athletics, 475 Pine Ave. West, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1S4. Phone: (514) 398-7002; Fax: (514) 398-4901; e-mail:

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