The McGill Daily
Reunion: September 21, 1996

photos by Joe Donahue
Some190 former editors, writers, photographers and other hangers-on turned out for a lively reunion at the Westin Hotel

Victor Loewy, BA'71, Vice-Chairman & President of Motion Pictures Distribution, Alliance Communications; Dr. Catherine Myer Luchins, Dr. Danny Luchins, BSc'71, MD'73, DipPsych'78 of Chicago; ceramic artist Nicole Schouela, BSc'70, of Vancouver, and Irena Loewy, film marketing consultant.

Barbara Scales, BA'73, MA'80, Director of Latitude 45 Arts Promotion Inc. (Impresario), looks at the special edition of The Daily with her old boyfriend George Kopp, BA'71, a California internet writer/publisher who was emcee for the night.

Dr. Laurie Breger, BSc'74, MD'78, of Montreal and Geraldine Sparrow, BA'72, LLB'77, (now the Honourable Judge Sparrow of the Ontario Court) hold up a photo of their more youthful days.

Daily Reunion organizer Harold Rosenberg, BSc'71, checks out a display with Phyllis Platt, Executive Director of Arts and Entertainment for CBC Television.

Globe and Mail computer columnist Jack Kapica, BA'69, MA'72, networks with Honey Dresher, BA'68, TV & film producer and consultant, Chair of the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts in Montreal.

Novelist Susan Swan, BA'67, and Judy Rebick, BSc'67, (former President of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women) are tickled by the special edition of The Daily published for the event.