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Social Services

Get Out of Jail Free!

Let's be clear. It's NOT advice, but free information you can get from the eager law students at the Legal Information Clinic. The service is open to everyone and, as a consequence, the law students are learning to be judicious about their personal life. The bulk of inquiries are about separation, divorce and child custody. Legal Information Clinic, 3480 McTavish, Room B16-19Montreal, Que. H3A 1X9. Tel.: (514) 398-6792

Stay Safe!

It's late, you're downtown, and feeling antsy about being alone - worry not. Volunteers from McGill's walksafe network - with bright jackets and walkie-talkies will escort you home, on foot or by metro. Both students and the general public alike are invited to use this service.McGill Walksafe Network and Foot Patrol, Student Union Building, 3480 McTavish, Room 415, Montreal, Que. H3A 1X9. Tel.: (514) 398-2498. Internet:

Get a Friendly Visitor!

If you're a senior and need a volunteer visitor to help you get along, call the Yellow Door. Besides serving as a social service agency, the Yellow Door fosters a vigorous artistic scene with music and literary readings. Founded by Lord Strathcona in 1904, the Yellow Door served as a haven for American war resisters who developed the coffeehouse.

The Yellow Door
3625 Aylmer, Montreal, Que.
Contact: Pietro Bozzo, (514) 398-6243
Web site:

Survive Sexual Assault

Funded by students, McGill's Sexual Assault Centre is one of the finest examples of student service to the community. There is a help-line - Monday to Friday, 6 pm to midnight - which provides emotional support and information to sexual assault victims. All calls are confidential and the volunteers have extensive training.

The Sexual Assault Centre offers an accompaniment service for sexual assault victims should they need to meet with police, lawyers or doctors etc.

The centre runs five support groups: for men and women with eating disorders, for partners, family and friends of sexual assault survivors, for male survivors of sexual abuse, for female survivors of childhood sexual abuse and for female survivors of adult sexual abuse.

Sexual Assault Centre of McGill's Students' Society
Director: Christina Gravely
Tel: (514) 398-2700
24-hour bilingual help line (514) 398-8500

Fight Cancer!(information and second opinions)

When someone is afflicted with this disease, accurate information is absolutely key. The McGill Comprehensive Cancer Centre provides this and more. You can sign out books or videos on cancer and find out about treatments in Montreal and outside. Second opinions can be arranged. The goal of the Centre is to complement the services available from doctors, and the Centre will even arrange second opinions and let you know how to participate in experimental treatments going on at McGill. This free service is one of the finest offered by the University.

McGill Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Educational Support Office
Gerald Bronfman Centre for Clinical Research in Oncology
546 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, Que. H2W 1S6
Contact: (514) 398-8303

Talk it out!

Have a problem and want to sound it out? Feeling isolated? Give McGill Nightline a call. McGill Nightline is a confidential telephone line run by student volunteers who are well trained to deal with any type of situation. The line is open to alumni and available during the school year, from 6 pm to 3 am, 7 days a week. Volunteer recruiting takes place at the beginning of the school year, and requires intensive training.
McGill Nightline: (514) 398-6246

Get Hitched!

Should the matrimonial urge strike, the intimate Birks Chapel lends the appropriate solemnity - and the price is right: $200 for alumni ($100 for students). On Sundays and holidays, add an extra $90. Book 21 days in advance. The chapel's high gothic arches make the Casavant organ sound even better than it ought to. Organist Scott Bradford, MMus'82, will do the honours for $100. Minister's fees extra.

University Chapel
William and Henry Birks Building
3520 University Street
Montreal, Que. H3A 2A7
(514) 398-4121

Get your taxes done!

Tax Clinic, McGill Accounting Club
Bronfman Building, 1001 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Que. H3A 1G5
Contact: 398-8363

End your labours. Students will do your personal taxes for you! This is definitely recommended for anyone who feels intimidated by income tax forms and instructions. Submit your forms and all your receipts in late February and March and the students will ensure that you get them back before the April 1 deadline. All work is checked by a member from an accounting firm that ensures returns are "on the money." (Pun intended.)

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